Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
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About the Department

The department offers programs leading to the B.S. or B.A. degree with majors in Mathematics, Computer Science, Actuarial Science and Mathematical Economics . The department also offers a minor in each of mathematics and computer science. Through these programs, the department s primary goal is to develop the aptitudes and analytical skills required for use and understanding of each discipline. The curricula are designed around the abilities and needs of average students but allow exceptional students to excel in their area of interest. In each discipline, the instructor guides the student in discovery and learning of new ideas rather than presenting carefully structured theories. Applications are used throughout to illustrate and motivate new material. Most topics are developed by means of an interplay between applications, problem solving, and theory. Early courses are designed to appeal to a broad audience of university students, while higher level courses are more focused.

In addition to those who choose to major in mathematics or computer science, students enrolled in mathematics, computer science, and statistics courses have varying backgrounds and interests:

  • those needing the mathematical and computational skills required in such fields as science and engineering;
  • persons enrolled in the Teacher Education Program;
  • students of business, economics, and the social sciences who must be familiar with statistics and matrix operations;
  • students in Computer Information Systems who wish to round out their education with additional coursework in computer programming, computer architecture or operating systems;
  • students who wish to strengthen their background in preparation for graduate or professional examinations to attend graduate school.