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Register your research or creative work with us!

 One goal of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works is to track all the independent scholarly and creative works HPU undergraduates engage in. For an accurate record we need your help by completing a very brief survey at the bottom of this page.

 When we talk about undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative works, there are generally three forms:

  • Students collaborating or assisting with faculty members’ scholarship
  • Students pursuing their own, independent projects, mentored by a faculty member
  • Students conducting research or inquiry based scholarship or creative activity in the curriculum that is developed into a presentation or exhibit for a broader audience

To know what you are working on we would like you to “register” your activity with us using one of the short forms below.

  •  If you are working on a project with a faculty mentor (more experience guide or teacher) whether you are helping with a professor’s work or being helped by a professor with your work, you should complete the MENTEE REGISTRY.   Later if that work leads to a presentation you would complete the PRESENTATION REGISTRY.
  • If you have taken work from class and fine-tuned it for a public presentation, performance, or exhibit than you only need to complete the PRESENTATION REGISTRY.
  • Any work that results in a publication should be reported on the PUBLICATION REGISTRY.
  • Finally, if your skill in your discipline leads to participation in a competition, we ask that you complete the COMPETITION REGISTRY.

 Each of these will take you only a minute or two to complete.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact URCW director, Dr. Joanne Altman at




 Competition Registry

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