Publication Registry Form

Publication Registry

  • This is a registry of HPU students who have published their scholarly work in a peer-reviewed journal either with a faculty mentor or as a solo author. If you have work that has been accepted for publication, please take just a minute to complete this form to help us track your good works. Congratulations for such a wonderful achievement!
  • If there is more than one student author, there is an opportunity to add information at the end of the form.
    Again- please include this information at the end of the form for additional authors.
  • If you have more than one major, please select the major that reflects the topic of your work.
  • If you have had more than one mentor please select the mentor you worked with most on preparing for publication.
  • IF there are other mentors or additional co-authors you may include them here. Please note their roles.
  • If the publication is still in press, just put (in press) in place of the date. We will ask you to update the publication date.
  • This is your opportunity to share additional information with us that did not fit the format of the form.

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